It's no secret that starting the day on a good note is the way to go. How we start the day is like setting the tone for how we want to feel and go about our day, whether consciously or unconsciously.  

Wake up and check email, we'll likely start off stressed. That feeling could drag out throughout the rest of the day. 

Wake up and check in with ourself, then we'll likely be more connected, calm, and inspired to move about the day by leading with our heart. 

Personally, when we wake up and immediately check our phone or jump straight to our 'to-do list', then we become anxious, on edge, and not really even present with the sacred time that is each morning. 

Since we know this, we consciously *practice* choosing ways to start the day which inspire, energize, and ground us so that we can show up fully and actually feel the way we want to feel. What a concept, right? We always have control of how we want to feel. 


We're sharing our top 6 ways to start the day on an excellent note:

  1. Gratitude. What are you grateful for today? Take 5 minutes to write down the people/opportunities/things you are grateful for. Small or big, everything is something to be grateful for. Appreciating what we have at any given moment is the best way to attract more of what we want. It's not when we live in lack that we are abundant, it's when we live in abundance that we stay abundant. "You want to be rich, start rich" - Tony Robbins. Also, feeling grateful knocks any other emotions out. There's no way we can feel grateful and stressed at the same time. Gratitude expands the heart and lets us turn off the mind chatter. 
  2. Hydration. Drinking water first thing in the morning is honestly the best detoxing practice that is often overlooked. Hydration means nourished organs and proper function of organs, detoxification, healthy skin, and reduced inflammation. We suggest drinking at least 3 cups of clean/filtered water as soon as you wake up (before coffee/tea/juice). 
  3. Time in Nature. Wether you live in a busy city or a small town, there's always a place to sit with trees, admire/smell flowers, touch the sand, or simply watch the sunset from a mountain top. We are nature, so connecting with the earth is an amazing way to connect with ourselves. 
  4. Movement. Find a kind of movement that you enjoy and will help you energize for the day. Walking/hiking/jogging, dancing, biking/cycling, strength training, or stretching/yoga are all great ways to start the day. The more we move, the more oxygen we send into our cells and the more awake and alert we will feel. 
  5. Whole Foods. Foods do have a direct connection to our emotions and overall mindset. Organic, fresh foods are essential for staying nourished and functioning our best. Start your day with fresh fruits and vegetables to feel energized, alert, and empowered. Avoid starting the day with sweets/processed food/heavy foods in order to avoid on-going cravings, sluggishness, and foggy-headed throughout the day. Morning fuel can be as simple as a balanced smoothie or chia pudding
  6. Inspiration. It's important to seek out and do the things that inspire us. It can be as simple as listening to inspiring music, reading a daily reflection or a few pages of a motivating book, repeating an affirmation or mantra, o writing down goals. Whatever keeps your passion alive, do that. There's no better time than the morning of a new day to remind ourselves of why we're here: to live FULLY. 

These practices not only energize us on a physical level, but on an emotional and spiritual level as well. The more balanced we feel, the easier we flow through our day. 

If just doing one of these each morning, you'll be on your way to having an amazing day! If you can incorporate at least 3 into your morning routine, even better.

We also believe that 'living a lot' is completely individual, so find the routines/rituals/activities that work for you personally so that you can set yourself up for success each day. 

What's the point of waking up every morning if we won't enjoy what we're doing? 

What are some things you do in the morning to get you ready to live a lot? We'd love to hear about your tools. 

Have an energized day!