My whole life I have loved chocolate and always found ways to enjoy it. I craved it. 

When I embarked on my chocolate-making journey a few years ago, my first reason for doing so was because I simply wanted to make healthy chocolate that tasted amazing. 

Through that process of learning how to make chocolate, I also connected to cacao (the main ingredient that makes up chocolate) on a much deeper level than I ever had before. 

Cacao is a plant that was referred to as 'Food of the Gods' by the Aztecs hundreds of years ago. Both Aztecs and Mayans treated cacao as a sacred food that was shared in ritual and ceremony in a beverage form. 


By working with cacao and sourcing the highest quality I know, I really learned the power of cacao and how it wasn't just a food that made this sweet treat I enjoyed often. It shifted my perspective on life, healing, and spirituality. There was so much depth and wisdom in cacao that I began to treat it differently. 

Cacao has been a catalyst for much of my personal growth in the past few years. It's a heart-centered food that aids in opening the heart and allowing us to connect deeper to ourselves. Cacao facilitates releasing emotions, enhancing creativity, play, and spiritual growth. 

I use cacao as a spiritual guide - in chocolate form or in ceremony, to help me realign with my truth, shed old beliefs and thought patterns, and learn to love myself. (Will share more about upcoming cacao ceremonies soon - sign up for our newsletter!)

These profound experiences are not ones I have ever experienced with other types of cacao/chocolate. Quality matters and quality of other ingredients mixed into chocolate also matter. The more sugar the chocolate has, the less cacao benefits you will experience. 

I enjoy making a beverage with my chocolate most days (either hot or cold), and I like to sit in silence with it at least for a few minutes - making it a mini ceremony. It brings awareness to the heart-opening that happens and allows me to feel more deeply. 

Have you ever questioned why you crave chocolate so much? Is it a sugar craving or the actual deeper heart-connection you might be subconsciously craving?

I invite you to start noticing how you feel when you consume different kinds of chocolates and see what feels best for you. Not only for spiritual purposes, but in general, does it feel good in your body? Does it make you feel alive and energized? Does it nourish you (physically and emotionally)? Or does it keep you craving more sugar?