It’s the season for the common cold and it didn’t miss us this time around. We no longer take over the counter cold medication, it’s usually filled with chemicals that can temporarily provide comfort but don’t actually cure the symptoms. These are some of our favorite holistic remedies for getting through a common cold.

  1. Liquids: Water is crucial and hot drinks feel especially nice when you’re taking a sick day. Chop up fresh ginger, turmeric, and garlic and simmer in water for 10 minutes, add a splash of apple cider vinegar, strain, and sip. Hot broth or soup is also a must! Which leads us to the next point…

  2. Nourishing foods: Food is so nurturing for both the body and soul. We love a hot cup of broth or a bowl of soup partly because it’s enriching for the body but also because it reminds us of mom comforting us on sick days in grade school. Our go-to broth of choice is Broth Baby, a nutrient dense broth created with love. And, of course, chocolate. We truly do acknowledge cacao as a medicine, as it’s been used for centuries in Mayan tribes. When we’re feeling sick, we have a bar of UNWIND chocolate because it’s infused with a blend of 30 medicinal mushrooms to provide stress relief and support immunity. It’s also great for the soul!

  3. Acupuncture: It’s amazing what a few almost-invisible needles can shift in the body. It can have different effects depending on symptoms, but this time around we experienced immediate relief in the sinuses and an energy boost. You can find either a private or a community center in your area – some of our favorites in town are San Francisco Community Acupuncture and Golden Point Acupuncture

  4. Rest: This is the most important thing we can possibly do when our body is experiencing low energy, stress, and congestion. We find that most of our colds come around when we don’t listen to the signs from our body to slow down and take it easy. Our body is always talking to us. There is always an underlying cause for any symptoms that arise. Learning to listen to our bodies is key for optimal health. This season we leveled up our sick day rest with a sweet handmade eye-pillow from Woods Apothecary. The weight of the eye pillow is comforting and it helps keep the light out if you live in a vibrant city or are trying to nap during the day. Bonus: these eye pillows contain a healing crystal inside that may increase rest and sweet dreams.

Hopefully, the common cold skips you this season, but if it doesn’t, you can cozy up with some of these remedies.

Stay healthy, friends!