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Happy International Chocolate Day! We know what you’re thinking, and we’re with you, EVERY single day is chocolate day but what a great reason to indulge. To celebrate we'd like to share with you our 15% discount on all monthly membership

We like to think of this day as a sort of anniversary – a great time to reflect on your relationship with this magical substance we call chocolate. We have a big and perhaps scary question for you today:

Do you love chocolate for who it truly is or who it pretends to be?

Things to consider when it comes to the kind of chocolate you’re in a relationship with:

  • Is it made with COCOA or CACAO? (Cacao is the raw form of the beans used to make chocolate, containing nutrients and antioxidants. Cocoa is a version of these beans, roasted at high temperatures to extract any nutritional value – lame!)
  • Is the chocolate you’re enjoying filled with inflammatory ingredients like dairy, soy, and other things you can’t decipher without a chemistry book - or infused with ingredients from the earth to nourish you?
  • Is it masked with grams and grams of refined sugar to make you think you like chocolate (IMPOSTOR) or is it sweetened with unrefined sugar to let the taste of the cacao shine? 

If your answers lean more toward the beginning part of these questions (cocoa, mysterious ingredients, and refined sugars), you may in fact be in love with an impostor! Real chocolate is made with cacao that still contains nutrients. Real chocolate doesn’t need to wear all sorts of fake layers of refined ingredients to fool you into liking it. Real chocolate is meant to uplift you with natural sugars, rather than dip you right into the sugar crash. AND real chocolate tastes amazing when it’s done well.

We know, breakups are tough but YOU ARE ENOUGH, you deserve better. It might be time to let that old chocolate bar go and level up to one that truly has your heart and wellbeing in mind. We’re extending an invitation for you to go on a date with our ‘variety pack’ of Live A Lot organic superfood chocolate. We’re offering a 12% discount on all of our *monthly subscriptions (because who doesn’t want someone to arrive at their door step with a box filled with chocolate that actually LOVES YOU BACK?!)

*All of our subscriptions are no-commitment plans so you can change your order and delivery option at any time. After all, any good relationship offers the freedom to take things at your own pace. 

All Live A Lot superfood chocolate bars are crafted with organic, fair-trade unroasted cacao from Ecuador. We infuse each flavor with a different blend of superfood ingredients to provide different effects – boost energy, relieve stress, and enhance sensuality. Our products were all created with an intention to assist in opening your heart and helping you harness your super hero ways, therefore, we don’t include any dairy, soy, gluten, or refined sugar in them.

So now that you’re newly single… may I have this dance?

Love love,

The Live A Lot Team