Ramona at the top of Hawk Hill. Marin, CA 2017

Ramona at the top of Hawk Hill. Marin, CA 2017

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I wake up to a white cover over the city outside my window. I can’t remember the last time I saw such a quiet and tranquil San Francisco on a Monday. The working holiday added a sense of spaciousness to the day - I can do nothing… OR EVERYTHING. I check in with my mind and it craves a day of focus and productivity. The last thing I want to do is move my body. When I wonder how to enter this focus and productive stage I seek, a bike ride is the only answer my soul provides. But the last thing I wanna do is move my body, it’s so cozy at home.

I clip into my bike pedals, and my legs complain immediately. The neutral breeze feels nice on my face as I admire the orange line appearing on the horizon, breaking through the white blanket of sky. The first hill makes me second guess my decision of not staying in bed with a book...but the only option is “here we go.”

My legs feel lazy, and I agree to turn around at the top of this after checking out the view. From that spot, the city looks like a comic book drawing - a pointy building next to a round one, next to a bunch of rectangle buildings in a row. Everything to my right looks the same color from up here - flat like a postcard.

I see the Golden Gate Bridge to my left. I’m so close, I might as well cross it. My legs are on board now that they’re warmed up, while my mind resists and argues that it’s getting kind of late and if we keep going this might turn into a half day thing.

There’s no turning back now - I didn’t get into these tight stretchy clothes to barely break a sweat. After the bridge comes every Bay Area cyclist’s favorite incline, which I wasnot ready for or planning on today. Hawk Hill (pictured above) consists of 1.7 miles with a 156-meter elevation gain, which simply means it’s non-stop climb on the lowest gear until you hit the top.

Those first spins onto the mountain take everything - I'm fully committed. I say some shitty things to myself about not being as fast as I used to be, and then I quickly reconsider...why does that matter? What IS true right now? What is true is that I'm on this bike, pushing myself up a giant hill with the strength of my own legs.

What matters is not the snot flying out my nose, or my shortness of breath - what matters is the amount of connectedness I feel to everything around me when my physical body is pushing so hard and feeling so vulnerable. It doesn’t matter that a dozen other cyclists gracefully fly past me because my mind is steady, the view to my left is absolutely breathtaking, and the lines on the mountain to my right remind me how old this Earth is and what a miracle it is that we’re here. 

What matters most is that I made it out from under the white covers of my bed and tucked myself under the fluffy cloud cover of the sky instead.

I am not as fast as I was, or will be, it’s true. What’s also true is that it took my mind to convince my body to get out and move, and it took my body to convince my mind that if we’d made it all the way there, we could keep going. There’s a part of us that always has the answer, and parts of us that resist. Check in, honor them, and trust that they can work together for your greater joy. 

How did you push yourself beyond your comfort zone this week?

Keep going

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Happy Friday! 
- Regina