A Note From Our Founders

Hi Live A Lot family! We wanted to take a moment to reintroduce ourselves and remind you why we’re here - why we’ve created Live A Lot chocolate for you to enjoy.

Our names are Giovanna and Regina, we’re sisters and co-founders. About 5 years ago, Giovanna completed her Holistic Chef education which was the perfect compliment to her degree in Nutrition. She used this knowledge as the tool to guide her toward healing the relationship with her body and growing more into herself. I️ (Regina) picked up all the health tips I possibly could from my sister, and as we learned to nourish our bodies we became more curious about the foods we consumed. 

Chocolate had been a very important part of our lives (as I’m sure is true for many of you). Our mom ran her own bakeshop from our kitchen in Mexico where we grew up. She’d always bake an extra cake for us to frost and we knew how to make chocolate brownies before most kids knew how to pour cereal. We grew up knowing that chocolate was pleasurable and it represented love and comfort. As we grew older it became one of the things we turned to when we were feeling emotional, wanted to treat ourselves or express our love on special occasions.

But as we transitioned into a more holistic life, eliminating many inflammatories like dairy, soy, and refined sugar - it became more difficult to find a chocolate bar we fully enjoyed. There were organic and vegan bars we liked because of the ingredient content and quality, but they didn’t have the smooth and creamy taste we were used to. Giovanna resorted to making chocolate at home to have a chocolate bar she loved for both the consistency and ingredient quality. As she continued on her health journey and explored superfoods as a regular part of her food intake, she naturally began to add them to her chocolate. 

I (Regina) was the official taste tester for all of my sister’s recipes and I was eager to share this amazing treat with everyone. This chocolate had everything we could possibly want - high-quality ingredients, amazing taste, added nutrients, and it wasn’t packed with inflammatory ingredients - what a relief!! At the time, I (Regina) was working at an Advertising firm, promoting large companies whose products were not fully aligned with my values. I decided it was time to share the message about a product I was passionate about and truly believe in.

Giovanna and I always knew there was a reason we were born into the same family, we are both so different from one another yet share such strong values - it became obvious, chocolate is the reason we are here together on this Earth (because chocolate is always the answer)! So we partnered to share this amazing chocolate treat with all of you. 

As we were establishing our company we knew we wanted to create something that made a greater impact than the mouths it nourished. We decided that our chocolate would help fund mindfulness and wellness programs for teenagers through a partnership with RISE Yoga For Youth. We wanted to focus on serving communities of adolescents because we knew that for us, that was when the poor relationship with our bodies and food really began to develop. Imagine knowing how to nourish your body and manage your stress when you were that age?! GAME CHANGER. Simply by purchasing our chocolate, you are part of this amazing movement of empowering teens to own their bodies and health. Thank you!

To make this long story short, we put all of these things together and came up with Live A Lot superfood chocolate bars - made with organic fair trade cacao and infused with superfoods, free of dairy, soy, and refined sugar. Since then we’ve added a new product to our shop - our delicious Superfood Chocolate Sauce made with raw honey and coconut oil. This Live A Lot family is growing, and we’re so grateful to be sharing this treat with all of you. Thank you for being part of it, your support keeps us inspired to work hard on our dreams every single day.

Thank you for believing in us and our products. We’re glad you’re here. 

We love you,

Regina & Giovanna

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