This chocolate cake made with our IGNITE chocolate bars will blow you away. Perfect for a date night with your lover. Because what better way to celebrate love than with chocolate?! 

What's great about living in a way that supports health, is that there is no need to deprive or restrict anything. There are so many nourishing and super delicious ways to enjoy sweets. It's a matter of focusing on whole and unrefined foods/sweeteners that won't cause massive health risks & issues. 

My mother has been an extraordinary baker since I can remember. Growing up, I loved helping and of course eating all the sweets she made. Her specialty was chocolate cake, or maybe that was just my favorite. I've been a chocolate fiend my whole life (shocking, I know). Back then, there were no concerns with sugar because nobody really knew the downfalls of it. Remember the low-fat trend? Yeah, it was actually sugar causing all the health problems. 

I've been "lucky" (so I've been told) enough to be able to eat all the sweets I want and still stay slim. I've always been praised by others about how healthy I was because I am thin, so I believed it. I thought I was really healthy because I looked a certain way. Truth is, that's not how health works. Our body shape does not always tell everything about what's going on inside, nor where our health may stand. Our symptoms, however, do tell the truth. 

I've always been thin, but what most don't know is that I was also always bloated, anxious, craved sugar ALL the time, had dry skin and skin breakouts, had a seriously negative relationship with my body (binge eating/drinking, calorie counting, food restriction/deprivation), and was depressed.

Throughout the years I've learned how much I depended on refined sugar, and how different I function with or without it. Our bodies give us symptoms to tell us something, usually that something is out of balance. I wasn't listening to all the signs to stop destroying mine, until I dove deeper into my relationship with food and how unhealthy it was. Now I know that all those symptoms and disordered eating patterns were due to my sugar imbalance, which by the way, will cause an emotional imbalance. 

Choose your dessert ingredients wisely and you'll be able to enjoy dessert often! Amazing, right?


3 IGNITE chocolate bars

¼ cup unsalted butter or coconut oil

¼ cup coconut sugar

1 teaspoon vanilla

2 eggs

2 Tablespoons oat flour (grind oats in blender)

Pinch of sea salt



  1. Preheat oven to 350 F. 
  2. In a double boiler, on low-med heat, melt chocolate and butter together while you mix with a spatula. 
  3. In a separate bowl, whisk together coconut sugar, vanilla, and eggs until well mixed. Add flour and sea salt and mix once more. 
  4. Add melted chocolate/butter mixture to egg mixture and whisk until it’s all combined and batter thickens. 
  5. Grease ramekins with butter or coconut oil. Pour mixture to fill ¾ of the way. (Additionally, you may bake in a small cake pan). 
  6. Bake for 20-30 minutes, until cooked through. 
  7. Top with your favorite ice cream and fresh fruit. You may even want to make it extra chocolatey and melt some chocolate to drizzle on top. (I used Coconut Bliss, it's one of my favorite dairy-free frozen treats!)

Makes 2-4 individual cakes or 1 8-inch round cake

I look forward to you recreating this recipe! Share a picture of your finished product with us on Instagram @livealotchocolate

Much love,