The Simple Beauty of Romancing Oneself

Last week was that infamous holiday of love and romance. 

While we enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful ways that couples and groups celebrated February 14th, our team took time, each in our own ways, to give loving attention, care, and romance to ourselves. Which is what Live A Lot is all about, really! The enduring practice of self-love.

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In that vein, we wanted to share some of the special ways we romanced ourselves last week. We hope it inspires you to give YOURSELF love, and also to remember, you don't have to take care of yourself just once a year... self-care can happen in small meaningful ways, every single day.

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I got myself some bright yellow roses, worked from home with my dog friend, Charlie, and had a (human) friend over for a healthy lunch. I deleted my personal social apps from my phone to observe a sacred silent day. Of course, I had to incorporate chocolate into my day as well so I made hot chocolate with Goji Berry Superfood Chocolate Sauce.



I treated myself to a solo yoga practice and dance session here in the jungle of Belize. It was epic! Then I cooked an amazing Gallo Pinto brunch (complete with cacao!) and spent some quality time with my friends here. It was the best day I've had in a while... I ended the day feeling so full and nourished and STRONG.

We also celebrated Love Day last week by participating in giveaways with our friends, Samudra Skin + Sea, pure skincare featuring wild seaweed, and Roots & Blooms, a handmade small batch beauty company based in San Francisco <3 We're ALL lucky winners though... especially when we treat ourselves to some good, nourishing chocolate :)

Now, go romance yo self!

The Live A Lot Team