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Fall in Love with Good Chocolate: How to Be a More Conscious Cacao Consumer

Most of the chocolate out there is not produced in a conscious manner. In most cases, there is very little actual chocolate (read: cacao medicine) in a bar filled with a bunch of less desirable filler ingredients, such as vegetable oil, sugar, or Dutch-processed cocoa, as well as artificial sweeteners and other chemicals.

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My whole life I have loved chocolate and always found ways to enjoy it. I craved it. When I embarked on my chocolate-making journey a few years ago, my first reason for doing so was because I simply wanted to make healthy chocolate that tasted amazing. Through that process of learning how to make chocolate, I also connected to cacao (the main ingredient that makes up chocolate) on a much deeper level than I ever had before. Cacao is a plant that was referred to as 'Food of the Gods' by the Aztecs hundreds of years ago. Both Aztecs and Mayans treated cacao as a sacred food that was shared in ritual and ceremony in a beverage form. By working with cacao and sourcing the highest quality I know, I really learned the power of cacao and how it wasn't just a food that made this sweet treat I enjoyed often. It shifted my perspective on life, healing, and spirituality. There was so much depth and wisdom in cacao that I began to treat it differently. 

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COCOA or CACAO, that’s the question. When we embarked on this journey we had one simple mission in mind - To give people a chocolate bar that doesn't only taste good, but that is also good for you. Free from sugar and inflammatory ingredients.

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