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The Simple Beauty of Romancing Oneself

While we enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful ways that couples and groups celebrated February 14th, our team took time, each in our own ways, to give loving attention, care, and romance to ourselves. Which is what Live A Lot is all about, really! The enduring practice of self-love.We're excited to sare some delicious new products coming soon!! We are so grateful for each of you who consume our chocolate, believe in us, and share your support - stay tuned for more Live A Lot goodness. May you have a blessed 2018.

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I sat in his perfect garden, blooming all the colors of early September in the East Bay. This place always brings me to a calm - charms and mantras in hidden spaces between various shades of green. We've come to name it the Buddha garden, and that's where my mentor and I usually meet when I'm seeking guidance - other times just for tea and then guidance I don't even know I'm seeking. (Read more inspiration on

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