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Regina here! I’m the younger sister in our Live A Lot sister duo - and the one who takes the photos and makes some of the videos. Giovanna is the one responsible for our yummy chocolate recipes and the high quality of our products - she’s an amazing holistic chef, which is the reason we started Live A Lot in the first place. I always know I’ll find goodies in her fridge when I visit her, and this weekend it happened to be homemade Hazelnut Milk. I’m not sure how Giovanna made this milk or if I’m even allowed to drink it because she’s away for the weekend - but she’d probably say she made it like any other nut milk. I blended it into my coffee with Goji Berry Superfood Chocolate Sauce and some Sea Salt - and the lighting was divine so I made a video for you to try it in your kitchen. 

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I can't say it enough: quality, quality, quality. If we want a good quality of life, then it would make sense to do things, eat things, and say things that add quality to our life. Chances are that a refined sweetener or conventional chocolate bar in your mocha will not add much quality to your day. You might experience sugar crash, inflammation or headache, and not even enjoy having it. 

To support feeling energized (which is probably why you drink coffee in the first place), alert, and satisfied, I've created a Live A Lot Mocha drink that leaves you feelings SO GOOD. I use our Live A Lot Chocolate combined with coconut oil and raw honey to add both sweetness and healthy fat. 

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