The Power of the Goji Berry

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the nutritive & balancing superberry

You may already be familiar with this superfood through its appearance in smoothies, juices, and energy bars; if you aren’t, we encourage you to get better acquainted with goji's many health benefits. These beautiful little "wolfberries" pack so much punch!

In a nutshell, here’s what we love about goji berries:

  • Studies have shown that they can boost energy, as well as improve your quality of sleep.
  • May prevent oxidative damage and UV radiation.
  • Contain powerful compounds: polyphenols, which are cancer-fighting antioxidants; polysaccharides, which may help reduce blood sugar, treat certain types of diabetes, and even help lower blood pressure levels; as well as zeaxanthin, an antioxidant that is especially beneficial for the eyes.
  • Rich in vitamins A , B, C, as well as manganese, which supports bone health.
  • Contain 18 types of amino acids, which can aid muscle growth.
  • Detoxifies organs like the liver and kidneys.
  • Considered a low-glycemic food that is rich in fiber.

In Chinese practice, goji berries are also known for treating imbalances in yin energy (the energy that represents rest and stillness).

We love goji berries best in our Superfood Chocolate Sauce! Drizzled over fruit. Blended with warmed coconut or almond milk. Added to our morning coffee. We could GO(ji) to town with all the possibilities... and you should, too! Get your goji fix here :)


In healthy balance,
The Live A Lot Team