Medicinal Mushrooms for Optimal Success

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immunity + energy = productivity

As you may know, we're longtime advocates of medicinal mushrooms. We included them in our original UNWIND chocolate bar, and we continue to incorporate them now in our superfood chocolate sauce. Why? Because the medicine is real!

The blend we use in our superfood chocolate sauce includes chaga, reishi, lion's mane, cordyceps, turkey tail, and more... which are all packed with incredible nutrients. You may remember our previous post, where we detailed the benefits of medicinal mushrooms:

  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Supports longevity
  • Helps calm the system
  • Improves overall nutrition

The particular blend we use is pure magic. Reishi is known to promote brain health and liver cell regeneration. Cordyceps, or the Caterpillar Mushroom as it is sometimes called, supports healthy lungs, liver and heart, and also helps with adrenal health. Turkey Tail helps to eliminate and prevent viruses. Just add a spoonful of our Herbal Blend in your morning coffee... with these powerful ingredients, you are set for a productive day!


Getting sh*t done,
The Live A Lot Team