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A Note From Our Founders

Chocolate had been a very important part of our lives (as I’m sure is true for many of you). Our mom ran her own bakeshop from our kitchen in Mexico where we grew up. She’d always bake an extra cake for us to frost and we knew how to make chocolate brownies before most kids knew how to pour cereal. We grew up knowing that chocolate was pleasurable and it represented love and comfort. As we grew older it became one of the things we turned to when we were feeling emotional, wanted to treat ourselves or express our love on special occasions. 

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The Simple Beauty of Romancing Oneself

While we enjoyed seeing all of the beautiful ways that couples and groups celebrated February 14th, our team took time, each in our own ways, to give loving attention, care, and romance to ourselves. Which is what Live A Lot is all about, really! The enduring practice of self-love.We're excited to sare some delicious new products coming soon!! We are so grateful for each of you who consume our chocolate, believe in us, and share your support - stay tuned for more Live A Lot goodness. May you have a blessed 2018.

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We spent the weekend at our first Northwest Chocolate Festival. It was a weekend filled with so many sweet connections and the highest quality cacao. We shared our superfood chocolate with thousands of people and we loved witnessing positive reactions from people of all ages. Our youngest supporter was 8 and she LOVED that our bars are not "fake sweet".

This was a big event for our small company and we experienced some growth hiccups along the way. That didn’t stop this sister duo from rocking it 💪🏽🍫💃. We'll share our biggest takeaways and all the photos in another blog post at the end of the week, but here's a quick reflection for now.

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Every Friday we share a reflection from one of the Live A Lot community members about what living a lot looks like for them. We love hearing from you - tell us how you're living a lot these days! ♥ // "There’s no turning back now - I didn’t get into these tight stretchy clothes to barely break a sweat..."

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Don't be afraid to love, friends. I'm learning that it's truly time wasted to not let ourselves love fully. Love your friends, your family, your boss, everyone you cross paths with - regardless of the situation. 

Here's a heart-shaped chocolate caramel cup recipe to add to all the love you give and receive in your life! 

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This spicy hot chocolate has been a hit. It's made with our IGNITE chocolate bars, which are infused with goji extract, schizandra extract, cinnamon, and cardamom. This blend of herbs and spices really activates our sensuality - senses are on, we feel really good in our bodies! It's chocolate that helps us tap into our playful and pleasure energy, and we feel more open and happy. A great one to share with your lover(s). 

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We weren't joking about pumpkin everything season. We've been creating delicious desserts so far with this fun vegetable. 

I specifically created these truffles with Halloween in mind. A great treat to make for a festive gathering that won't leave you feeling sluggish or sugar-crazy. Incredibly simple to make too! 

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I know how it goes. Holidays are approaching so you're about to throw all your healthy practices and rituals out the window. Right? I used to think that this is what HAD to happen because well, everyone else is doing it and how was I not gonna participate in the festivities?! 

Truth is, we don't need to avoid the festivities, deprive ourselves, or feel crappy throughout the holidays. There are many ways to indulge and still feel amazing! 

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Our bodies thrive best when they flow with the seasons and it's up to us to adapt in a way that still helps our best selves shine through. Naturally, when it's cold and dark out, it's a time to nurture ourselves and preserve our energy until the spring. That said, it does not mean staying in and never moving our bodies or disregarding any activities that helps us feel nourished - physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

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It’s the season for the common cold and it didn’t miss us this time around. We no longer take over the counter cold medication, it’s usually filled with chemicals that can temporarily provide comfort but don’t actually cure the symptoms. These are some of our favorite holistic remedies for getting through a common cold.

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My whole life I have loved chocolate and always found ways to enjoy it. I craved it. When I embarked on my chocolate-making journey a few years ago, my first reason for doing so was because I simply wanted to make healthy chocolate that tasted amazing. Through that process of learning how to make chocolate, I also connected to cacao (the main ingredient that makes up chocolate) on a much deeper level than I ever had before. Cacao is a plant that was referred to as 'Food of the Gods' by the Aztecs hundreds of years ago. Both Aztecs and Mayans treated cacao as a sacred food that was shared in ritual and ceremony in a beverage form. By working with cacao and sourcing the highest quality I know, I really learned the power of cacao and how it wasn't just a food that made this sweet treat I enjoyed often. It shifted my perspective on life, healing, and spirituality. There was so much depth and wisdom in cacao that I began to treat it differently. 

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I sat in his perfect garden, blooming all the colors of early September in the East Bay. This place always brings me to a calm - charms and mantras in hidden spaces between various shades of green. We've come to name it the Buddha garden, and that's where my mentor and I usually meet when I'm seeking guidance - other times just for tea and then guidance I don't even know I'm seeking. (Read more inspiration on

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These bars have a crunchy bottom, gooey middle, and chocolatey top. I truly smiled as I watched my close loved ones indulge in them since they're full of life-enhancing ingredients. The star ingredient in these bars are figs. Figs are an extremely sexy food, have you taken the time to look into a a fresh fig? Beauty! I'm amazed by them every time. (Visit for more vegan chocolate dessert recipes)

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Stress relief, chocolate chip cookies, and medicinal mushrooms - There's something about baking that I'm finding quite nourishing, it's quite a stress-reducing activity. Last week, I talked about my top ways to manage stress. Today, I'm adding more nutritional facts about foods (specifically medicinal mushrooms) that also support stress management. 

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