"I AM STRONG. Heart, we are strong."

"I AM STRONG. Heart, we are strong." - Omia

A good friend of ours recently made a trip out to Arizona. She landed in Phoenix and rented a car to take a solo adventure in the desert. She was craving the mystical energy of vortexes in Sedona and whispers from the depths of the Grand Canyon. 

Before she took off, I gifted her a Live A Lot chocolate bar. I admired her bravery for hearing the call to travel alone and explore the external world, and most importantly her world within. We include a sticker with a short mantra in every chocolate bar - unsurprisingly, she got the one that says, "Trust your intuition." - the Universe is playful and supportive like that. 

When she returned back to Phoenix to board her flight back to San Francisco, we got to spend a few more hours together. She told me all about the mountains she climbed, and how she overcame her fear of heights. She shared stories of the energy healer she stayed with in Sedona, and their time together volunteering to share Thanksgiving meals to the community. 

She lit up when she shared about her 6-mile hike down into the Grand Canyon, and her 6-mile climb back up, where she broke through fears, doubts, and discovered a new force of personal power. She placed her hand on her heart to show me how she talked to her heart as it was racing on that hiking path. "I AM STRONG. Heart, we are strong," she repeated. And with deep certainty, she looked at me and said, "I feel stronger." SHE IS. 

To sum it up, I asked her how she lived a lot this weekend, to which she responded. "I broke my personal limits and shattered my own ceiling. I AM STRONG.”

How are you facing your fears and breaking through them? How are you living a lot? Please share your stories with us - we love celebrating YOU!