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Women's New Moon Cacao Ceremony


(San Francisco, CA) 


**Date TBD


6pm - 8pm

Join us once a month at Beloved Cafe to celebrate the New Moon! We will gather in circle, drink a warm cup of ceremonial cacao, and journey through sacred songs and guided meditation. With the new moon just a day before the ceremony, we'll also be able to tune in to her power. A new moon is a great time for new beginnings, planting new seeds, and refreshing our dreams. Pairing this energy with cacao is an amazing way to sink deeper into our heart's desires and magnetize our intentions. 


Outdoor Cacao Ceremony (Phoenix, AZ) **Date TBD** 6pm - 8pm

Come gather under the starry desert sky for our first Live A Lot Cacao Ceremony in Arizona! We'll sip cacao as Giovanna guides us through meditation, song, and whatever other magical rituals she's got for us that evening.

Cacao not only nourishes our bodies, but it's also a food that helps open the heart. With an open heart, we can experience more of who we are and all the greatness we have within us. Cacao is a great tool for deeper connection with ourselves and our emotions.

Join us for some time to slow down and get rooted before the celebratory weeks ahead. We're so excited to share this with you, AZ friends and fam! See you soon.


Online Cacao Meditation (Video call)


**Date TBD** 6pm PST


An evening to unwind, open, and reconnect with our heart's wisdom through the medicine of cacao and sisterhood. 

We'll enjoy a cacao drink together and Giovanna will lead us through guided meditation, sacred song, and an intention setting ritual.